Music Theory and Generation

Aim: Get familiar with vocabulary of music theory, explore generation conceptually and create a small tone.
Photo by Yomex Owo on Unsplash
Photo by Yomex Owo on Unsplash
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Why: I am doing these experiments around lateral thinking. Once in a while, I pick up stuff very different from my domain and explore it in some capacity 💪
I am also proactively working on my personal productivity and I love meeting people, get in touch: https://www.divyendusingh.com/profile/coffee/ (remote friendly 😅)
Ableton — I know (just the name and ultra basic idea) about Ableton from my trip to Croatia when I heard my music enthusiastic co-workers talk about it. I sneakily persisted that information and looked it up later 🦊
The video talks about the software and various control on its UI.
At this moment, I am still very new to music theory and production, so, I plan to go ahead horizontally for a while. Learning the vocabulary of this domain, getting familiar with various tools and ways. Next I went to download ableton live trial version from here (Also, check the trial video): https://www.ableton.com/en/trial/. Also, subscribed to the newsletter 🦊
Then I moved on to understand more about MIDI via http://www.indiana.edu/~emusic/361/midi.htm
After skimming through the above, I was browsing Ableton.com and luckily I ran into the gold mine, exactly what I needed for this experiment: https://learningmusic.ableton.com/. I just took lesson about “beats”.
Here is the summary (very vague) of the lessons that I took:
Different types of sounds: kick, snare, open/closed hat, clap etc (acoustic/electrical)
Beat: “a pattern” played by drums
Tempo: Beats per minute (BPM)
Genre: Depends on a lot of factors, including tempo, typical tempo ranges for some common genres:-
  • Dub: 60–90 bpm
  • Hip-hop: 60–100 bpm
  • House: 115–130 bpm
  • Techno/trance: 120–140 bpm
  • Dubstep: 135–145 bpm
  • Drum and bass: 160–180 bpm
Bar (or measure): Group of four beats
We will rock you: That is how it is done.
We will rock you beats on Ableton web
We will rock you beats on Ableton web
P.S. Just playing around with the playground is also amazing: https://learningmusic.ableton.com/the-playground.html
After learning about the basics of “beats”, I moved on to this presentation that I ran into a while back and had persisted for this very moment: https://teropa.info/loop/#/title. Albeit, I did not know then that this moment would ever come.
Then I dived into ableton and created this tiny loop of beats (with 155 tempo). Nothing fancy, no changing beats as well for now.