Micro Progression

  • Micro progression (for me) is the art of healing yourself via small improvements.
  • The process itself can be healing or hurting! With hurting being the default, healing can be achieved by awareness
  • Here are a few instances of "neutral" micro-progression that transforms you but you don't notice
    • Change of appearance - your face changes over time but you hardly notice it as you see yourself in the mirror each day. In your mind, you look the same to yourself all the time. Only by changing the reference perspective (old images for example) you are able to spot the differences. Same applies to your friends and loved ones.
  • Here are a few instances of "hurting" (the default) micro-progression
    • Ageing - After a certain age, you start to be less fit and if you don't work towards that, health problems like posture issues/weak eyesight etc creep in.
  • Here are a few instances of "healthy (awareness) micro-progression
    • Having a good sleep all the time - on the long run gives body enough time to recover and you feel lighter and happier.
    • Regular learning - If you learn and grow each day, over a longer period of time you would acquire skills but on the short term you might suffer from impostor syndrome.
  • The idea is to be mindful about this and add healthy micro-progressions in your daily routines.