How can I help you?

Hello 👋

I am Divyendu and I am opening up my calendar to meet you: https://calendly.com/divyenduz/coffee (yes you, remote or in person). If you don't like the mechanical automated scheduling or if you are unable to find a suitable time, I hear you, please feel free to ping me at https://twitter.com/divyenduz (DM open) and we can find a time :)

About Me

  • I love coffee (and tea). I am off alcohol at the moment (indefinitely)
  • I love languages and language learning. I am fluent in English/Hindi. I can speak/understand Dogri, Punjabi. I can speak Urdu (but not read). I can read/speak very basic German.

How can I help you?

  • Anything really, from a nice conversation to exploring an idea together.
  • You can be someone with an idea and want to learn more about the software aspects.
  • You can be interested in Indian and Indian culture and want to chat about that over a coffee.
  • Maybe you are interested in knowing about how it was for me to move from India to Germany (and how is my German)
  • Maybe you want to teach me something. I love learning.