Divyendu Singh

divyendu.z@gmail.com | +49 171-815-0357 | Berlin, Germany


A computer scientist from a beautiful place called Jammu and Kashmir. Living in Berlin. I love making things that have an impact.


Yara Digital Farming - Staff Software Engineer (02.2021 — Present)

  • Application Platform Team - Tooling, infrastructure and libraries to improve developer experience, happiness and productivity.
  • Key Skills - GraphQL, Language Engineering, node.js, NestJS, Docker ; Domain - Dev Tools, Digital Farming

Prisma Data Services - Software Engineer (05.2018 — 02.2021)

  • Helped increase confidence and product direction with internal and public tooling
  • Heavily involved in multiple projects involving type-safe server/client generation (graphqlgen, features Prisma 1 TS client, Prisma 1 Go client)
  • Contributed to various projects in the GraphQL ecosystem (GraphQL Config, graphql-request etc)
  • Key Skills - GraphQL, Language Engineering, node.js, Go (Golang), Docker ; Domain - Dev Tools, Databases

Independent - Freelancer (08.2012 — 05.2018)

  • On Fiverr - 4.9/5 star rating from 500+ clients with 20% world coverage working remotely
  • 20+ mid-size projects as independent contractor in various domains
  • Key Skills - React (Best rated), GraphQL, next.js, node.js, Go, Docker, DevOps ; Domain - Mixed

Absolute Sports (Sportskeeda) - Full-Stack Engineer (Mobile Lead) (11.2014 — 01.2018)

  • Mobile lead in second largest media startup with a small engineering team (~6 members)
  • Solved media industry problems by creating a revenue share platform using custom analytics system, enhancing editorial workflow, video delivery, and personalizing user feed
  • End to end product development, delivery, and support using agile methodologies
  • Key Skills - React, php, node.js, Go (Golang), Docker, DevOps, Android, HLS, OTT, SEO ; Domain - Media

Tata Consultancy Services - Assistant System Engineer (01.2014 — 11.2014)

  • Worked for the client 'GE' and awarded with 'Star of the learner's group'
  • Key Skills - React, node.js, Cordova ; Domain - Finance

Open Source (04.2011 — Present)

  • Downshift: Contributed a developer-experience feature with test cases to a very widely used React library. Made a collaborator for this PR (https://w3z.in/f1720)

Volunteering/Side Projects


  • A simple interface to convert any URL to consistent readable content on your kindle
  • Image proxy and pre-rendering services help ReadBot make deliver the best possible content format. Ask me more if you are curious.


  • Learn a new language from the comfort of your telegram app while talking to native speakers
  • Gluing various AWS services to provide the experience

Organizer of GraphQL Bangalore Meetup

Video Course: Learn GraphQL with React and Relay - Packt (09.2017 — 11.2017)

  • Authored a course on GraphQL and Relay in collaboration with Packt publication.

Ray Wenderlich - Video Team (10.2016 — Present)

  • I review the meta content of video courses including the scripts, slides, sample code, and projects working with a fully remote team
  • Ray Wenderlich is trusted by millions of developers globally for their high-quality content in both article and video format
  • Key Skills - iOS (Swift) ; Domain - Education


Technologies: React, node.js, Go (Golang), PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, GraphQL, ElasticsearchInfrastructure: AWS (EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, etc.), Github Actions, Docker, Serverless, Kubernetes, Terraform
Methodologies: Agile, Kanban, Scrum


SMVD University, Jammu, India (07.2009 — 07.2013)
Bachelor - Computer Science and Engineering, GPA: 9.09/10 GPA


English, German (very basic)


Football, Reading, Cooking, Running, Reading, Product Development